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Darjeeling Black Teas

Darjeeling Black teas are considered to be the most superior around the world. Fully fermented teas grown in the district of Darjeeling at the steps of the mighty Himalayas are referred to as Black Darjeeling Teas. First Flush Darjeeling black teas are harvested in the spring season ranging from early February to Mid-May. These black teas are extremely aromatic and flowery with a sweet flavor and prepare a bright golden cup. With the conclusion of spring and onset of summer, teas harvested in Darjeeling prepare an amber colored liquor and are characteristic of a rich natural muscatel flavor with relatively fuller body. These teas are referred to as Second Flush Darjeeling black teas. Summer is followed by the Autumn flush tea growing season in Darjeeling. Autumn Darjeeling black teas are relatively bold and offer some immensely floral notes to drinkers. Approximately 90% of the teas manufactured in Darjeeling are black teas. Spring Darjeeling black teas are best served without any milk and sweetener. Summer & Autumn flush black teas can be relished with a dash of milk as well.

Rs. 849.00 Rs. 999.00 250 g . 100+ cups
Rs. 250.00 30 g . 15 cups
Rs. 300.00 30 g . 15 cups
Rs. 699.00 100 g . 40+ cups

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love us

The Turmeric Ashwagandha tea is amazing! This Turmeric Wellness pack helps me combat all the stress from travelling & a hectic work schedule. I would really ask all of you to give this a try!

Akanksha Jain
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Had no idea that green teas & superfoods could taste this good - Vahdam you guys have done a really great job, I'm completely loving these teas. 10/10 would recommend

Stuti Mehta
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I've to tell you - with my hectic work schedule this green tea detox pack from Vahdam Teas has been working wonders for me. It helps me control my diet & helps me flush out toxins from my body - I feel clean and energized with these wonder teas

Apoorva Negi
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These turmeric teas are great - I love the fact that Vahdam uses black pepper along with turmeric in their blends, increasing curcumin's absorption into the body by 200% and allowing me to get all their health benefits

Steph Grasso
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These green teas are very relaxing for me after a stressful schedule - this mint flavour is amazing and I didn't find anything similar in India before. Thank you Vahdam teas for introducing these in India - cheers'

love us

I recently tried Vahdam Teas Detox Pack with their green teas - cute, individually wrapped tea bags, smells really nice when I brew it. Their green teas have a sweet, delicate flavour & beautiful aroma. So glad to be trying an Oprah's Favourite Brand 2018. Impressed by their high quality!

Madhubrata Ghosh
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Yes, Take me there!