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BRC(British Retail Consortium)

BRC is an international Food Safety Management Systems standard, and is one of the GFSI recognized certification schemes. It contains requirements for food processors to follow to build an effective food safety management system. There are also editions of the standard for food packaging manufacturers, storage and distribution.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, a preventative food safety system that takes stock of the hazards in food. The control process ensures that the production of food entails as little hazards as possible for consumers.


Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic.
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European Union (EU) regulations on organic farming are designed to provide a clear structure for the production of organic goods across the whole of the EU. This is to satisfy consumer demand for trustworthy organic products whilst providing a fair marketplace for producers, distributors and marketers.


The Rain-Forest Alliance Certified Seal is awarded to farm, forests that meet rigorous enviroment & social standards. Frogs are indicator species, meaning that they are a symbol of enviromental health. The Standard is built on the Principle of Suitable Farming: biodiversity convservation, improved livelihoods human well-being & natural resource consevervation.
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Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms.
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