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The Founder's Letter

Dear tea lover,

I wish to introduce myself as the 27-year-old Founder of Vahdam Teas.

​I​ am very excited for you ​ to​ taste the VAHDAM difference. ​
But before you do, I wanted to share MY STORY with you.

I come with a lineage of over 80 years in tea and I am the 4th generation in my family to run a tea business.
However, it is only when I joined my family’s bulk tea export business ​ I noticed that most of the tea being sold across the world passes through
multiple middlemen before reaching consumers like you, after a minimum of 6-1 ​8 months of being harvested in the tea gardens. ​
By then, most of the PRIME freshness and flavor of the tea is lost.

​Additionally, even though globally acclaimed tea brands continue to grow significantly every year, millions of tea growers back here in India are still plagued with problems like low wages and an uncertain future. ​Yes, even though ​ India ​grows​ some of the finest teas in the world ( 25-​ 30% of the world's production), the absence of a home-grown brand has ​made the tea industry to be dependent on​ bulk tea exports ​to foreign brands. Such brands do not hesitate to shift to poor quality teas from other tea ​ ​ growing regions ​ and countries, in order to compete on price points and earn higher profit margins, as soon as the farmers ​ back home in India increase their prices.

​To initiate a journey, in order to solve these problems, is when I decided to launch Vahdam Teas - a home grown Indian tea brand for the world.

How are Vahdam Teas exceptionally fresh?

Unlike your everyday cup, Vahdam Teas do not travel in containers for months ​ before being packaged and sold. All our teas are procured directly from plantations and tea growers within ​hours of harvest, packaged garden fresh at our state-of-the-art tea facility in Delhi, India and ​ then shipped directly​ to ​our own fulfillment centres in various parts of the world.

By eliminating all unnecessary middlemen, we are not only able to make available garden fresh high-​quality teas to consumers across the globe, but are also able to retain all earnings in the region​ where these divine teas are grown and nurtured by million of growers with immense love, care, and passion.
A process which ultimately helps every farmer get a better price for their produce.

Also, along with a ​D​ ate of ​P​ ackaging, ​ most​ ​of our ​t eas come with a 'Date of Picking/Harvest' which is the true indicator of a tea's ​ origin & freshness. Think about it for a moment. ​ ​ There is a big difference between when your tea is HARVESTED and when it is PACKAGED. ​ ​

A successful home-grown tea brand from India can empower millions of tea growers on a macro level. Simultaneously, we are also very passionate about ​ working ​ on ​ micro issues like ​e​ ducation and health. These are two core areas where we wish to step in, make a difference, and ensure our farmers build a better and a sustainable future for themselves.
Hence, on our 3rd Founder's Day, we launched ​the​ much ​ ​ awaited social initiative ​,​ 'TEAch Me', under which we have pledged to direct a minimum of 1% of our revenue towards the education of our tea growers' children. You can learn more, contribute, and​ download our ​'​ TEAchMe' mission & impact report.

We wish to infuse an excellent product, pioneer technology, and a sense of convenience to ​ 'tea' like never before. ​
All with a dream to build India's first global tea brand with a social cognizance.

We are a young and passionate team that works hard to unlearn, relearn and improve upon every single day.
And if for some reason you do not like your cup of tea or if we falter anywhere in our overall experience, please do not hesitate to email me directly and I promise to address it promptly.

Bala Sarda Founder, Vahdam Teas

The World's Freshest Tea
Leaves Direct from India's Choicest Tea Gardens