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30-Day Kadha Immunity Kit

Sip on our age-old ingenious blend of time-honoured Ayurvedic superfoods with a plethora of robust health benefits and impeccable flavours in the form of a traditional Indian 'kadha' or a health-boosting elixir. Our Drift Mug knows your tea-time ritual better than you. Now carry a generous brew, cold or hot, and enjoy a great cuppa just about anywhere.

Whats inside the box?

- Vedic Kadha Herbal Tea 45 Tea Bags
- Drift Mug 1 Unit
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Rs. 1,499.00

45 N * 2 g . 1 Tea . 1 Mug

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Health Benefits

  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol, improves heart health and reduces risk of cardiac diseases.
  • Speeds digestion, reduces nausea, boosts metabolism.
  • Great for boosting immunity, reduces risk of cold/flu.
  • Strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Rich source of Vitamin C
  • Alleviates anxiety and promotes calm.
  • Aids weight loss efforts, low calorie and caffeine-free.

How To Brew A Perfect Cup

Brewing Instructions

  • Heat 200ml of fresh water to 90-100 degrees Celsius.
  • Switch off the heat and add in 1 Tea bag.
  • Let it steep for 3-5 mins.
  • Remove tea bag, pour, and enjoy.
Tea TypeThere are primarily 4 tea types i.e Black, Green, Oolong & White. Plucked and produced from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis, each tea type is differentiated based on the level of fermentation/oxidation they go through during production.
OriginIt refers to the tea growing region where this tea has been sourced from.
Flush / SeasonIt refers to the season in which this tea was harvested. First Flush refers to Spring & Second flush refers to summer.
EstateIt refers to the specific plantation/garden where this tea has be sourced from.
InvoiceTea in Indian plantations specially Darjeeling & Assam are growin in batches which are referred to the invoice number. An invoice numbers enurses that the single estate tea is 100% pure and genuine. The invoice is awarded to every batch by the tea estate itself.
Date of PickingIt refers to the date on which this tea was harvested from the tea plant and is not the date of packaging. Date of Packaging is the specific date on which the teas are finally packaged in our unit.
Grade​T​ea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves​. ​The highest grades are referred to as "orange pekoe"​ i.e SFTGFOP1, FTGFOP1​, and the lowest as "fannings" or "dust".
SpecialityIt refers to weather this tea is from a specific single plantation or a special blend of teas from multiple estates & plantations curated by our Master Blenders. ​
CaffeineThe caffeine content in this tea categorized into three broad levels i.e low, medium & high.
More information about the product Here's grandma's prized recipe for building immunity, fighting cold/flu, and giving your health a natural boost. Our Vedic Kadha is an ingenious mix of 5 revered medicinal herbs and spices that have been blended with careful precision according to Ayurvedic principles dating back to thousands of years. A sprightly pot-pourri of Turmeric, Amla, Tulsi, Ginger, Black pepper with a few other bounteous spices for a feast of vibrant flavours. The medium-bodied light brown liquor has an uplifting aroma of woody spices. It starts with the spicy notes of Tulsi that are followed by the pungent notes of Ajwain (carom seeds) that blend perfectly in sync with the earthiness of the turmeric. The middle has the sweet and spicy notes of ginger with undertones of licorice-like flavours of fennel which balances the cup very well. This delicious cup ends of a pepper kick that stays at the tip of your tongue. A perfect symphony of subtle spiced and earthy flavours, truly mesmerising. Our Drift Mug knows your tea-time ritual better than you. Now carry a generous brew, cold or hot, and enjoy a great cuppa just about anywhere. MRP 1699 inclusive of all taxes

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