Why Choose Vahdam Teas?

Unlike fine wine, tea looses flavour & aroma with time. We at Vahdam source teas direct from estates within 24-48 hours of production & door deliver to consumers across the world.

Garden Fresh Teas

(Tea, the freshest it can be)

Our teas do not travel in containers for months before being packaged & sold. All our teas are sourced with 24-72 hours at the tea estates.

Door Delivered in 83+ Countries

(and counting)

Our teas have been door delivered to consumers in 83+ countries. And yes we are just beginning now.

No Middlemen

(estate to your cup)

Vahdam is cutting out all middlemen & creating new innovations in the supply chain of tea.

Ethical, Direct & Fair-Trade, Truly

(not certified)

By sourcing & delivering direct, we are creating a process which helps every farmer get a better price for their produce.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

My go to place for garden fresh teas. Great teas, super fast delivery & impeccable customer service. I have been a customer of Vahdam Teas right since the beginning & I have loved everything they offer. A great team and a great story. Most of my orders have been delivered to UK within 3 days. Great team & a great story. I wish Vahdam Teas all the best.

Gordon Homer, Newcastle, UK

I have been a long time tea drinker & I just regret not finding them earlier. The entire efforts put in the supply chain actually makes a huge difference in their tea quality, which is phenomenal. Plus, the customer service & delivery is super fast. I have become a fan of the Darjeeling & Assam Teas from their collection. Love the samplers, a great way to try new teas.

Benoit Maureau, Belgium

These are the best teas I have ever had. I am long time tea drinker & discovered Vahdam Teas a few backs back through a common friend who had been ordering from them. My package arrived in 3 days with the most sensible packaging. Vacuum sealed with an extra bag to store my teas. Each tea is wonderful & fresher than I have had before. A great place to get your teas.

Filipe Moreira, Lisbon, Portugal