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Turmeric Superfood Elixirs

Gift yourself golden health with our dedicated and ready-to-serve Superfood Elixirs! 100% Vegan & Organic, our superfood elixirs target specific health concerns like recovery, digestion, immunity and more! Made with premium-quality Indian Turmeric, the best in the world, and blended with other traditionally revered and health-enhancing ingredients like Reishi Mushroom, Ginger, Matcha, Cocoa etc. Choose your health first with these superfood elixirs.

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Rs. 570.00 Rs. 670.00 50 g . 20 cups
Rs. 350.00 25 g . 10 cups
Rs. 360.00 25 g . 10 cups
Rs. 320.00 25 g . 10 cups

People love us

Matcha is a great match for all the people who'd love experiment with their drinks. If you're trying it for the first time, Turmeric Matcha will definitely set the bar for you. Absolutely love it.

- Harsh Aggarwal love us image

Recover totally lives up to its name. I was instantly hooked to the fact that it's a low calorie drink. So, flavour without putting on extra calories is always a win-win for me.

- Ishan Awasthi love us image

10/10 to their Turmeric Digestion Elixir. Works like magic, can feel the difference already. Your gut is in safe hands. A must try!

- Renee love us image

Low calorie, low caffeine. Who wouldn't fall for this magic potion? It's my new ready to mix favourite that I can't do without, found an healthy alibi to the cheat drinks that I was looking for.

- Sylvia Kaur love us image

Can vouch for their Turmeric Digestion.  This can be your ultimate saviour for all your stomach woes. Ditched my regular dose of coffee and switched to this already. A big thumbs-up!

- Rhea Shetty love us image
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